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Choosing Simple Systems Of Clash Of Clans

Clash of Clans is the most liked strategy games. It is a game that's new players each and every day.

If you're one of many new ones, these hints will help you out in succeeding in this game.

Defend the Clan Castle and Town Hall

The winner would be the clan that finishes that war and ends up obtaining the most stars when there is a clan war. It's because of this that you must do all you are able to in order to defend your Town Hall. For instance, if you have an attacker that has destroyed your whole hamlet, he'll be unable to get the 3 stars if the Town Hall has not been ruined by him. Additionally, be sure to defend the Clan Castle. Place the castle close to the Town Hall to make it more easy for you to defend both in a go. The troops inside the hall will even get out as well as begin defending the fortress when you put the castle near the town hall. Remember that the clan war will be happening in the "virtual" hamlet after the day of prep. That is after the system has duplicated your layout of the village. The layout will probably be utilized during the Clan War.

Safety Comes First

Before the conclusion of the preparation, make certain that you have double-checked the village layout even if you have encounter with all the game. You may understand that you forgot to do something in the hamlet, when the war has started and it is better to identify any problems and not.

Go For 3 Stars

As earlier said, the Clan that gets the most stars at the end of a war is the winner As such; you must plan to get three stars on each war. You'll get a star when you ruin 50% of a village, one star for ruining the Town Hall and a third star of that village for totally ruining the village. Always do your very best to get all three stars to emerge the victor.

Scout the Base of the Enemy and Watch Replays

Once the preparation day is over, you may be given 24 hours to attack. It's in this time frame that you need to make use of your lookout attribute. Unlike the normal conflicts in Battle of Clans where you are given 30 seconds to attack, it is possible to scout and plan assaults in Clan Wars for as long as you wish. Make use of this feature by locating the most appropriate strategy that is assaulting. If you understand that the goal had been previously attacked, see the replay of the attack to understand where the snares have been set by the objective. Seeing the replay additionally enables you to identify the quantity as well as strength .

Make Use of the Weak Points of the Objective

Once you've scouted the objective for long enough, build an army that'll make the most of strengths and the target's weakness. For instance, in the event the target has walls that are high, it is possible to use wall breakers, so make sure you have some in such a circumstance. You might also want to bring cheap/weak troops who'll activate the snares determined by the objective.

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