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The Totally Wonderful Superior Poptropica Collection Of Tips

In the popular online game Poptropica, there's almost no end to the fun and adventures that take place in the game. Your main objective is to complete the different island quests. All the different islands have a different plot and theme and certain things that must be done. Poptropica is cartoony and fun and is an exciting game to play. It is full of secrets and hidden items. You'll find so many Poptropica tips and secrets that they cannot all fit into one place but I've got a summary of the game to give you and idea of what you can do in Poptropica.

Islands in Poptropica

You can adventure on more than twenty islands in the game, with many more planned for every month or so. The current quests are:

  • Early Poptropica

  • Shark Tooth

  • 24 Carrot

  • Time-Tangled

  • Super Power

  • Spy

  • Nabooti

  • Big Nate

  • Astro-Knights

  • Counterfeit

  • Reality TV

  • Mythology

  • Skullduggery

  • Steamworks

  • Great Pumpkin

  • Cryptids

  • Wild West

  • Wimpy Wonderland

  • Red Dragon

  • Shrink Ray

  • Mystery Train

  • Game Show

  • Ghost Story

  • S.O.S.

  • Vampire's Curse

  • Twisted Thicket

  • Poptropolis Games

  • Wimpy Boardwalk

  • Lunar Colony

  • Super Villain Island

  • Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

  • Zomberry Island

  • Night Watch Island

  • Back Lot Island

  • Virus Hunter Island

  • Mocktropica Island

  • Monster Carnival Island

  • Survival Island

  • Mission: Atlantis

Try any island mission whenever you want, but you might want to go with one of the simpler islands, like Time Tangled to get a sense of how to play.

Tips for Playing the Game

Your character can be a boy or a girl and you can alter the appearance before starting the game. You can start with a new player each time or register with an account to save your character as a repeat player.

The game plays as a 2-D side-scroller. You start each island by arriving via balloon and then you have to talk to characters that you come across to uncover what must be done. Next, you progress through the mission until you have completed all the tasks you need to finish.

Poptropica combines logic challenges and quests with arcade skills like jumping, running and playing with obstacles in the world. A lot of the game involves jumping around things in the way or climbing up buildings to find secret spots.

Other Players

In certain rooms on many of the Poptropica islands where you can play games against other players. Winning several mini-games improves your battle ranking. You can also chat with other players using built-in questions from a menu.

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