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January 20 2018

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girls walking down the street on a Spring morning. Speaking of girls, I messed around with my clan mates this weekend using a voice changer on Discord. It was called Clownfish. Like Nemo.
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It's a little like Salvador Dali meets anime. Boy with a bike heading into the city.
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anime girl looking surprised

May 19 2017


How to Watch Free Anime Online

Great tips for watching anime for free online. Includes all the major anime web sites.
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March 19 2017

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March 11 2017


The Knight in Clash Royale

The Knight is unlocked from the Training Camp (Tutorial). He is a single-target, melee troop with average damage and high hitpoints. 3 is cost Elixir to deploy by a Knight card. The Knight has an impressive mustache and wields a long sword.

Because of medium well-being and his low Elixir price and damage, the Knight is an excellent option to use with all the damage dealing offense. Alternatively, the Knight may be used to back up higher hitpoint troops, such as Giant or the Giant Skeleton.

Use the Knight as a meat shield for troops that are smaller, as it has reasonably high hitpoints. The Knight can just target one target at a time. Using cards including Skeleton Army or Guards overwhelm and will divert the Knight.

With average hitpoints and damage, he may be played both offensively and defensively. Although Barbarians remain recommended over a Knight he is able to survive a hit or two from a Prince.

He can be supported with Skeletons and Goblins to deal fast and great damage. This combo is not just cheap but versatile. In addition, it gives you Elixir to defend against your competition and enough time. Deploy a dab troop such as the Bomber in case the combo neglects.

He is great for taking out glass cannons as a result of his good damage and attack speed that is rapid. The Knight is really an excellent counter to the Miner due to his higher well-being, DPS, and Elixir edge and the Dark Prince.

Since he is able to actually deal great damage, the player should not dismiss the Knight. They should use cheap troops to pull him towards the middle like Archers and Spear Goblins, or so the Knight gets deflected and can not get to towers easily. 

Bomber in Clash Royale

The Bomber is unlocked from the Training Camp (Tutorial). It's an area damage, medium-ranged troop with damage that is average and low hitpoints. 3 is cost Elixir to deploy by a Bomber card.

The Bomber's look looks similar to that of a Skeleton, the exceptions being that it carries a black bomb and wears a blue/red (colour depends upon the side of the Arena) cap with gold-rimmed pilots' goggles.

The Bomber may be used as a defensive troop, having the ability to take Skeleton Army Skeletons, Goblins, and Spear Goblins out more efficiently than most other cards. Barbarians and archers take multiple hits for the Bomber to eliminate, so when engaging these targets with the Bomber, be sure to supply protection just like a Knight or a Giant.

It is also useful to protect high hitpoint troops against hordes of low health ground enemies, e.g protecting Giants against an opposing Skeleton Army. He has to be taken care of and if your Bomber is on his own, the player can execute a fast-drop to dispose with Goblins and Guards.

To do an instant drop, the Skeletons card must be selected by the player and pull them where they want them to go without releasing their finger. Then, the Goblins card must be selected by them by tapping on it. Ultimately, they need to drop the Skeletons first the Goblins. The Bomber will kill the Skeletons as well as the Goblins will take him out. Note that it is likely to perform a fast-drop with any two units while following this formula.

The Bomber cannot attack air units, making it vulnerable against Minions and flying troops. But when utilizing the Bomber the player can set protective troops such as the Baby Dragon or the Giant.

As a troop that was really light, the Bomber can be virtually shoved by nearly every other troop in the match. Particularly, Spear Goblins can shove the Bomber at their rate. Together they could engage targets of their range that is cozy, making for a fast ranged point- splash and target damage copy to your other troops over the river, or perhaps a fast and little Arena Tower push.

For only three Elixir, the Bomber deals solid damage per degree and is one of the cheapest counters to Barbarians due to his range. In reality, it takes a Bomber only three throws to kill same level Barbarians.

Though it has low hitpoints, it really is competent to live Arrows of a similar amount. Consequently, using any other spell as squandering a Lightning or Fireball Charm to damage a Bomber ends in an Elixir advantage for the opposition is a waste of elixir. The player must use either damage that is high or air troops / high troops that are hitpoint. He can be countered by the Log, nonetheless.

The Bomber can be utilized to take out reasonable hitpoint troops like Mini P.E.K.K.A.s if deployed correctly.

The Bomber is interchangeable with Wizard, according to the player's preference and tactics.. The Bomber has a larger splash radius as opposed to Wizard, making him a more appropriate alternative to destroy hordes of ground troops. Nevertheless, he has less hitpoints and cannot assault air troops. 

Goblins in Clash Royale

The Goblins are unlocked in the Goblin Stadium (Arena 1). It spawns three quick, melee Goblins with medium damage and low hit points and it costs 2 Elixir to deploy.

Goblins are powerful as a distraction for high damage single target troops, including the Prince and Mini P.E.K.K.A., offensively and defensively.

Wait for him to start charging when using it against Prince. Then, deploy Goblins diagonal to the centre facing him. This will probably not be unable to soak up the damage and also make it so that he must go an extended distance. Be sure when the Prince is near the tower that you deploy the Goblins. Otherwise, it's going to start charging again, leading to a waste of Elixir.

They can be used as a damage dealing troop behind high hit point troops such as Golem, Giant Skeleton and the Giant. Several even the pair, a group of Barbarians, or Goblins set behind a Valkyrie can easily shove these slow moving high hit points troops right into the adversary's Crown Tower. This blend has more than enough damage to kill the tower ahead of the tank troops are conquered, if not countered.

For merely two Elixir, significant DPS is added by the Goblins card to a player assault, or may be used on the opposite end to protect against an opponent's assault. If given enough time, they are able to dispose of threats like Golem, a Giant, or tank that is similar. As there are only three of them, the Goblins will likely want some help, though.

Their damage and speed can induce an opposing player to make use of Elixir on quitting a group of Goblins. Goblins have low hit points so that they are easily killed by charms, for example The Log, Arrows, and Zap, taking under consideration the charms' little duration to project, to lead the charms' impact point.

An unsupported and un-countered group of Goblins will figure out how to acquire a single hit on the opposing Crown Tower of exactly the same degree. That is a very elixir-saving method of finishing off a low-wellbeing tower, assuming if they are ignored by your opponent, or the enemy doesn't have the elixir and/or the troops to counter it.

With perfect time, you can encompass a splash damage troop just like the Wizard with the support of the tower with the Goblins. This provides you with an Elixir advantage to counterattack.

Goblins certainly are a cheap way to deal high harm to building -targeting troops, such as for example Hog or Giant Rider. Goblins can shove a Mini P.E.K.K.A., Barbarians or a Valkyrie if set behind them.

They certainly are a potential substitute in their opinion, and are quite much like Skeletons, offering stats that are better in every way but for 1 added Elixir. The Miner will act as a tank while the Goblins do most of the damage when combined using a Miner. This strategy is extremely affordable, fast, versatile, and certainly will be played frequently, surprising your opponent. For 5 Elixir, it could be damaging and extremely useful.

They could be used to great effect with the Hog Rider, by dropping them right next to him without defenses deflected him, and pushing him to the side of the Stadium. He continues straight for the tower, along with the Goblins can do major harm to the tower or the defense. This really is known as a "pig push".

They may be the perfect counter for slow, feeble, or single -target components just like the Ice Wizard and Witch as they will demand too long to kill the Goblins and so will probably be overwhelmed.

Goblins can take the Princess to get a positive elixir business out if she is unprotected by the enemy troops. 
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September 26 2014


Choosing Simple Systems Of Clash Of Clans

Clash of Clans is the most liked strategy games. It is a game that's new players each and every day.

If you're one of many new ones, these hints will help you out in succeeding in this game.

Defend the Clan Castle and Town Hall

The winner would be the clan that finishes that war and ends up obtaining the most stars when there is a clan war. It's because of this that you must do all you are able to in order to defend your Town Hall. For instance, if you have an attacker that has destroyed your whole hamlet, he'll be unable to get the 3 stars if the Town Hall has not been ruined by him. Additionally, be sure to defend the Clan Castle. Place the castle close to the Town Hall to make it more easy for you to defend both in a go. The troops inside the hall will even get out as well as begin defending the fortress when you put the castle near the town hall. Remember that the clan war will be happening in the "virtual" hamlet after the day of prep. That is after the system has duplicated your layout of the village. The layout will probably be utilized during the Clan War.

Safety Comes First

Before the conclusion of the preparation, make certain that you have double-checked the village layout even if you have encounter with all the game. You may understand that you forgot to do something in the hamlet, when the war has started and it is better to identify any problems and not.

Go For 3 Stars

As earlier said, the Clan that gets the most stars at the end of a war is the winner As such; you must plan to get three stars on each war. You'll get a star when you ruin 50% of a village, one star for ruining the Town Hall and a third star of that village for totally ruining the village. Always do your very best to get all three stars to emerge the victor.

Scout the Base of the Enemy and Watch Replays

Once the preparation day is over, you may be given 24 hours to attack. It's in this time frame that you need to make use of your lookout attribute. Unlike the normal conflicts in Battle of Clans where you are given 30 seconds to attack, it is possible to scout and plan assaults in Clan Wars for as long as you wish. Make use of this feature by locating the most appropriate strategy that is assaulting. If you understand that the goal had been previously attacked, see the replay of the attack to understand where the snares have been set by the objective. Seeing the replay additionally enables you to identify the quantity as well as strength .

Make Use of the Weak Points of the Objective

Once you've scouted the objective for long enough, build an army that'll make the most of strengths and the target's weakness. For instance, in the event the target has walls that are high, it is possible to use wall breakers, so make sure you have some in such a circumstance. You might also want to bring cheap/weak troops who'll activate the snares determined by the objective.

September 07 2014


Solving Poptropica Skullduggery Island

Poptropica has a different completely new island journey and its title is Skullduggery. It has been available for paid members of Poptropica in early access and will be released to everyone on June 17 2010. It is the longest and most in-depth island in Poptropica so far. Keep reading for all the Poptropica cheats for Skullduggery Island

When you arrive by balloon, you'll be in Fort Ridley, which is where the first part of Skullduggery Island takes place. During this beginning part of the island, your goal is to find several items to help the villagers and solve the mystery of the unusual note. Once you've got a ship, buying and selling and combat will be part of the island quest.

Travel along Main Street to the right and across the covered bridge. After you go over the bridge, run down the hill and next to the left into the water, where you'll head back to the left and then locate a doubloon lying on the ground.

Come back over the bridge towards the Main Street area and then go into the General Store where you will find a woman inside. Click on the doubloon within your backpack and use it to purchase a bag of chicken feed.

Next head outside the store and go to the chap with the chickens. Offer him the bag of feed you just acquired. He will be really happy and will give you a chicken as a present.

Now go over the bridge to the right and you will get to a corn field with a man outside the house. He'll say that the unwanted insects are feeding on all the corn and that he cannot give food to his family. Open your inventory and click to use the chicken. It will go onto the ground and eat all the bugs. The man will be incredibly pleased and will give you a blue candle as a gift.

Keep moving to the right and jump up the rocky hill. Then run past the house to the edge and speak with the woman standing there.

Enter the Governor's house and use the Blue Candle to reveal the missing writing on the Parchment. The guy on the left tells you to find the map pieces and chase away Captain Crawfish. He says he'll give you the final key to uncover the treasure once you do that.

Go back all the way to the left and jump up to the top of the tower with the soldiers in it. Use the telescope up on the roof and move it around until you spot a small raft with torn sails on the horizon. Signal the raft using the Broken Mirror, and it will dock.

A scruffy looking guy appears and it turns out he is the long-lost husband of the woman you met on the beach. He gives you his ship, which is now crewed by a cabin boy and the old sailor from the fort.

Click on your small ship to Embark and then go to Dragon Cove, which is up and to the left of the main island. While you're sailing try to steer clear from the sea monsters and pirate ships. When you see salvage in the water, try to pick it up.

Disembark at Dragon Cove, home of Ship-Shape shipbuilders. To find the map piece, go to the water's edge and stand on the sunken statue to reveal a Mallet. Push the crate with the fisherman sitting on top of it to the right as far as it will go and then use the mallet you just found while you stand next to the gong. This will send fish up for the old man to catch, and he will give you the map piece. Even though the shipbuilder and the crewmember who can fix ships are here, you probably don't have enough money yet so skip them for now. Ships and crew cost thousands of doubloons. You can buy a small cargo with your doubloons, preferably Silk which is cheap here but more valuable elsewhere.

Sail to Bouffant Bay, to the right, again avoiding pirates and creatures but picking up salvage from the water.

Chat to the worker here at the pier if you need a little hint for the map piece that is hidden here in Bouffant Bay. Walk a bit over to the right and go to the Trading Post, where you will want to sell whatever silk you have. This trading post sells Medicine at a very cheap price so buy as much as you can while you are here. Now we're off to find the map piece. First, walk to the right until you arrive at a house with the hanging baskets. Hop up and knock the third basket (on the right), then the first basket (on the left) and then the second basket (in the middle). After you hit all three baskets in that specific order, the map piece appears and you can take it. One of the buildings here, called Willard's Warhouse, holds the Cargo Master and having him on board your ship means you can carry fifty percent more cargo. He is also not affordable at the start. If you didn't buy the Medicine from the trading post yet, go get it now before you leave.

And now we're on to the next island. Embark on your ship and sail down to Parrot Port. As soon as your ship arrives at the dock, walk to the right and go to the Trading Post, where you should sell all the Medicine cargo and anything else you'd like. You probably don't want to buy any new cargo here because it's all too expensive at this port. Head inside Petey's Pirate Pub and you'll find the Navigator. When you hire her she increases the speed of your ship, but if this is your first trip around the islands, she's too expensive to hire for now. Upstairs on the left side of the pub you'll find a cracker. Go get it. Walk outside and return to the Trading Post. Here you'll see a Parrot and you should click on him. It will tell you to dunk yourself in the sea and come back to find it. When you do, it wants you to block some smoke, which refers to the nearby chimney you can stand on. After the smoke stops, jump into the palm tree to the right to find the parrot. He'll then tell you to find a pirate he knows in the old tower. Head back to the left and you will find the tower near the dock where you arrived. The pirate is standing up top. Click on him and he'll tell you to return his parrot for a reward. Use the cracker you got from the pub to get the parrot to fly to the tower and then the pirate will give you the missing map piece.

The next stop is Golden Harbor, which is the island in the lower-right corner of the map. It's surrounded by treacherous rocks so be careful when you go and pick up any salvage you can along the way. If you visit the bank, you can take out a loan that gives you more money to purchase more cargo and earn profits much faster. You can obtain a loan of doubloons from the back that costs 5% interest each day (days go by each time you sail to a new port) and you have to repay the loan within 20 days. There's also a hidden map piece in Golden Harbor and you get it by turning on three of the street lanterns in a specific pattern. The correct order to light the lanterns is to get the fifth one first, then the third one, then the fourth and followed by the second and first. The map piece appears in a draped archway. Before you leave Golden Harbor, visit the trading post and buy as much grain as you can.

Now, get back in your ship and sail West until you arrive at the Pirate Outpost. Go to the Trading Post and sell all of your grain. Then purchase as much spice as you can fit in your cargo hold, since it is very cheap to buy here. Climb up the giant skull, jumping over hostile pirates. Go inside the cannonry. The cannoneer is here and later you can hire him to join your crew because he helps you fire your cannon faster. Go back outside the cannonry and jump up to the top of the mast with the pirate flag on it. There is a box here that is a cannon starter kit and it will let you fire the cannons around the island. Now go down to the left and you'll see a barrel with a sign that says, "Danger - Explosive." Push this barrel off the platform and let it drop all the way down to the water below you. Jump down into the water and push the barrel to the right until it's underneath the golden tooth in the giant skull. Go left and fire the cannon there. The cannonball will hit the barrel of explosives, which will blow up. The explosion will shake the gold tooth and the hidden map piece will fall out.

The Circular Trading Path: Sail back to Dragon Cove, straight up, and sell the Spice there. Keep going in this circular clockwise direction from port to port to build your profits so that you can purchase bigger ships and hire more crew. The Dragon - Bouffant - Parrot - Golden - Pirate route is not required, but workable. On each loop through, if you have enough money to upgrade your ship, do it at the shipbuilders. Bigger ships have bigger holds for carrying more cargo. That means you'll earn more profits very quickly.

Winning the Game: When you have the biggest kind of ship, the Phoenix Warbird, and the skilled Cannoneer, you will be a formidable opponent for any ship, even Captain Crawfish. You'll find Captain Crawfish near Skullduggery Island in the lower left corner of the map. Sail there and wait for him to attack. When he is defeated, return to the Governor's house at Fort Ridley. He will give you the location of the Buried Treasure and a Bone Shovel to dig it up.

Sail down to Skullduggery Island and dock there. Walk six paces to the right of the flag and use the bone shovel to dig in that spot. After the treasure is out of the hole, you will be surprised by Captain Crawfish and his crew, and a spy who posed as an aide to the Governor.

Unlike the majority of other Poptropica islands, there is no big boss fight here at the end. Your trusty crew arrives on your ship and defeats Captain Crawfish and his crew. You return to Fort Ridley with the treasure and the Governor gives you the Island Medallion as a reward.
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